The Cut aims to shine a light on the best and brightest in the luxury industry, those who are innovative and ahead of the curve in terms of their business and lifestyle practices. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire others to think creatively and push boundaries in their own industries.



30th November 2023

The Categories


You or your nominee is an outstanding professional networker, unselfishly introducing people when you feel it would benefit either party. 

You expect little in return other than knowing your connection could lead to something exciting in the future.

You have an example of where one of your introductions has had a positive impact commercially and/or philanthropically.


You or your nominee is early in their career working in the high net worth market. You have under 10 years experience but have already enjoyed stand out results attributed to your own work. You are influencing board level decisions as senior management put faith in your judgements and work.


You or your nominee has a powerful professional digital footprint. You expertly utilise all digital channels to extend your network whilst communicating engaging content relevant to the high-net-worth market and/or peers.


You or your nominee has created a business that is showing early signs of commercial success within the high net worth market.

The early-stage business is using the fundamental values of brands that appeal to the high-net-worth market such as craftmanship and quality while using new modern trends and insights to create a business for the modern day.

How it works

Step 1: Nomination Submission

  • Fill out the nomination form via the official website.
  • Provide detailed information about the nominee’s achievements and why they deserve the award.
  • Include your contact details for any follow-up communication.


Step 2: Nominee Notification

  • Nominees will receive a confirmation email acknowledging their nomination.
  • Further details about the next steps in the selection process will be provided in this email.


Step 3: Selection and Contacting Winners

  • Our expert panel of judges will carefully review all nominations.
  • Winners will be selected based on their exceptional accomplishments and contributions.
  • Once the winners are chosen, they will receive a congratulatory email containing the good news.


Step 4: Benefits and Recognition

  • Winners will be provided with a list of benefits and next steps for activation.


Step 5: Award Announcement

  • The official announcement of the winners will be made on our website and social media platforms.
  • The announcement will showcase the remarkable achievements of the winners and their contributions to their respective fields.

Winner Benefits

Enter Awards

Welcome to The Cut 2023 Awards nomination process. This is your opportunity to shine a spotlight on someone who has demonstrated excellence in their field or to showcase your own accomplishments.

Please take a few moments to read the entry requirements and then complete the below form to provide us with the necessary information.

There is no cost to enter or nominate. Winners will be announced in December 2023.

Entry Criteria

– You must submit one example to showcase your accomplishments within the selected category.
– This example should only be relevant to the success achieved within the high-net-worth market or luxury industry.
– Your example should be relevant within 12 months of nomination.
– We encourage you to nominate others, but we will ask you to confirm you have notified them.