Key Insights: Market Insights into the World of Luxury Interiors and Yachting

Exploring the Pinnacle of Luxury and the Evolution of Yachts and Interiors

Thank you for joining us at The Circle Monte Carlo lunch last Friday. It certainly was a very special lunch on the spectacular PHOENIX 2 superyacht. We hope you gained a deeper understanding of the world of luxury interiors and yachting. 

A special thanks to our host and fellow Circle member Henry Smith, Partner at Cecil Wright and to fellow panellists Sharon Lillywhite, Founding Partner at Oliver Burns Studio and Alejandro Hahn, MD at Dahlgren Duck.

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What were the key takeaways?

The rise of personalisation and customisation
In a world where being unique is becoming increasingly challenging, there has been a distinctive increase in the demand for personalised interiors, as clients are leaning away from choosing readily available products, preferring one-of-a-kind interior spaces they can call home. PHOENIX 2 is a prime example as everything onboard, absolutely everything (including the cutlery), has been custom-designed for the yacht.

Home Comforts

As the line between our professional and personal lives is increasingly becoming more blurred, yacht owners and those who are on charter are looking for a space where they can relax, unwind and escape from the outside world. By having all of one’s home comforts onboard, a superyacht can really be considered a home-from-home, with many choosing to stay at sea for extended periods of time.

Beach Clubs

There has been a distinctive rise in the inclusion of yachts being home to impressive beach clubs, spaces which are more than just a place to swim and sunbathe. Superyacht beach clubs now offer bars, lounges, and entertaining spaces, complete with a hammam, sauna, fully equipped spas, and the latest array of superyacht toys.

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